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Heat waves, summer storms
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We want your wine to show up in the best condition possible, and we’re sure you do too! For those reasons, we’d like to avoid Heat Damage during hot summer months. While we strive to get your wine in your hands near the end of each month, we will put the wine on hold when we start to see heat waves and ship when things cool down, so you get the wine you want in the best condition! #nocookedwine

If your shipment is put on hold, we will send you an email letting you know. Peak months for temperature concern are June-August.

Important note: The biggest reason heat damage happens in summer months is last-mile shipments not picked up the day they’re out for delivery. Make sure someone 21+ is available to receive the wine when your delivery is scheduled.

Our wine currently ships from California. Although transit times vary, you can expect:

  • 1-2 business days for most of the West Coast

  • 3-5 business days for most of the East Coast

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