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Four Incredible Wines Delivered Every Two Months

Each shipment includes four expertly-curated bottles that explore a foundational topic in wine. You’ll be improving your wine knowledge while experiencing new and delicious wines. Each wine is rigorously selected by a panel of tasters; we look for top-notch wines that overdeliver for the price.

$120 per shipment. 4 bottles. 6X per year.

Shipping included.

Cancel anytime.

Space is limited and shipments do sell out.

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If you have any questions or concerns about your wine club shipments or account, please reach out to customer service at WineAccess:

[email protected]

1 866 946 3923

Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm Pacific

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the inspiration behind the Wine Folly Wine Club?

A: We were inspired to partner with Wine Access because, like us, they’re focused on helping people fall in love with wine through content. Wine Folly creates custom content that helps people learn about wine regions, varietals, pairings, and more. Wine Access curates the best wines from around the world and creates custom content about each specific wine. As such, each Wine Folly Wine Club subscription is themed to bring a unique and educational moment to life through experiences that touch on the history and varieties of wine, further expanding upon the knowledge of both a novice wine drinker and educated connoisseur.

Q: How are wines for the club chosen?

A: Wine Access’ Head of Wine, Vanessa Conlin MW, and James Beard award-winning author Madeline Puckette, Co-Founder of Wine Folly, have collaborated to choose different educational themes for each shipment and then curate a group of exclusive bottles that best embody each shipment’s theme.

Q: How many shipments are there per year?

A: There are 6 shipments per year.

Q: How many bottles per shipment?

A: There are 4 bottles per shipment.

Q: How much does each shipment cost?

A: Each shipment costs $120 plus tax. Shipping is included.

Q: Where can you ship?

A: https://www.wineaccess.com/where-we-ship/

Q: Do I have to be home to receive my shipment?

A: In order to receive shipments of alcohol, an adult must be present to sign for the package. Many members find that using a business address is most convenient if they are not generally home during the day.

Q: What is included in each shipment?

A: Each shipment includes an insert that tells the story behind each bottle, an insert that explains why that wine was selected, and a link to a video about each wine.

Q: When will additional collateral be sent out?

A: The insert that tells the story behind each bottle and the insert that explains why that wine was selected will be included in your shipment. The video about each wine will be emailed separately, once the wines are shipped.

Q: Are there any other associated costs with the club?

A: No.

Q: What types of wines will be included in each shipment?

A: Each shipment will feature a different theme and the wines for that shipment will be selected accordingly. Please visit the Wine Folly Wine Club page to see examples of different club themes.

Q: When and how will members be notified that their orders are being placed?

A: Members will be notified the Friday before orders are placed.

Q: When will orders be placed?

A: Orders will be placed on Mondays and the wine will ship out the following week.

Q: What is the cadence of order placement?

A: Members will receive the current shipment unless that shipment has already sold out or the next shipment is scheduled to take place within a month from when you sign up.

Q: Will wines be available for repurchase?

A: The Wine Club sells out regularly, so there is no remaining inventory. If we are able to secure additional bottles in the future, Wine Access will send an email once Wine Folly Wine Club wines are available for repurchase. Club members get first access to these wines.

Q: Will past allocations be available for new members to purchase independently of the club?

A: No.

Q: How can I suspend my wine club shipment or opt-out of a package?

A: The Wine Access' member services team is happy to assist in skipping shipments. Please reach out to us at [email protected] or give a call (866) 946-3923 Monday through Friday 7a - 5p PST for this and for any other membership questions.

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